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1981 - 1990

1983 Mercury Capri RS - Although a new nice car, fast and very manageable, I blew the carburetor while in Colorado and decided to trade it in on the 1986 Capri below, while I was there.
1986 Mercury Capri - Junked and forgotten.  Given back to Ford with a laundry list of problems...

1985 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 - Not a bad little sports car, but rough handling otherwise!  Traded it in on the 1985 Grand Am below.

1985 Pontiac Grand Am LE - Family style car.  Traded it in on the 1988 Grand Am below.

1988 Pontiac Grand Am SE - Semi-sporty, but still a family car.  Gone in 1998.  Given up in my divorce.

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