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1991 - 2000

1991 Plymouth Shadow - Thanks to my friend Herb, I got to drive this for a year, while I talked myself to spending BIG bucks for another bike!  Of course, since he knew how anal I was about vehicle care, he knew I would take good care of it for him while he was gone!  Too bad I had to give it back to him!  <g>

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1993 Ford Thunderbird SC - In late 1997, in December, after about a year of searching I found this...  A 1993 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe!! Silver, as you can tell, it is a nice match to my motorcycle! Kind of reminds me of my FIRST car... Anyways, I've always liked Thunderbirds, and silver is my favorite vehicle color!

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The big, yet semi-sporty, Thunderbird in Super Coupe trim.  It was my daily driver for a few years as I become a fair weather rider only!  I still have this car, but have taken to driving it less, hoping to keep it looking good (and the mileage down)!
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As I was driving to work a few years back and I I found this in a car lot. As you can tell is is nice looking, in good shape, and great to drive in all kinds of weather!! (I had decided to get something for the "bad" weather days that have become more common recently).  I just couldn't resist the price!! It is a VERY nicely maintained car...which I will continue to do...boy, it is nice to know other people are as anal about vehicle care and maintenance as I am!

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The interior is leather, both seats are electric (of course), as well as the windows and door locks. The SC has the premium JBL Stereo System with cassette player, cruise control, and automatic seatbelts.  The vehicle has a super-charged V6 engine with over 200 horsepower, and better than 22 miles a gallon!  Online specifications listed at the Super Coupe Club of Iowa.
But I can tell you that I won't be working on this thing!! It is WAY too complex and crowded for me!  The next vehicle purchased, was by my girl friend!  She did a great job and got a good deal!
1999 Ford Taurus SE - Very nice car for traveling, with more than 2 people.  My girlfriend still has this one as her daily driver, and she has ALL the options! The only thing NOT present is the slightly higher output engine that the Ford Taurus SVO has got. Other, than that, they look VERY much alike.
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This car makes me wish I had put a CD player in the Thunderbird!  Good ride, good handling and a great price made this too good a deal to pass up.  We drove it quite a bit while we were on vacation (up in Massachusetts).  It was purchased from a local dealership here in Arkansas, we traded in an older Toyota Corolla for it (1991 model), and like it!!
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This car has almost as much power as the six year old Thunderbird, but doesn't use it quite as well. Not that that is necessarily a BAD thing, after all, it keeps my girlfriend from spinning the tires too much!
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