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1985 Honda CB600SC - Honda Nighthawk.  Daily driver for over 3 years, in ALL kinds of weather!  Nice little cruiser!
1988 Honda CBR600 - The well known little Hurricane!  It was my daily driver (and ONLY transportation) for over 2 years, in ALL kinds of weather!
1993 Honda CBR100F - The big Hurricane no more, now  called the CBR1000F!  When I want speed, this is my fair to good weather commuting vehicle!  This is a 1993 Honda CBR1000F, purchased NEW, by me, in March 1993. It is seen by a Honda mechanic about every 4,000 miles.
2003 Honda Goldwing 1800 - Something I took for a test ride, nice bike, surprising handling...will have to check out the ST1300, if they let me!