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My girlfriend and I, after much debate, moved out of the apartment we shared and into a house.  We are working on making it a home, as most couples would do.

Although I have everything related to the male side unpacked, put up, and/or resorted for disposal as appropriate, she is still working on her stuff!  <g>  I understand that is a female trait I am growing accustomed to!

For the curious, here are some pictures of the exterior before we actually moved in:

The front, left corner view: The front view: The front, right corner view:
front_left_corner.jpg (82545 bytes) front.jpg (73688 bytes) front_right_corner.jpg (83946 bytes)
The right side view: The right, rear corner view: The rear, right half, view:
right_side.jpg (66195 bytes) right_rear_corner.jpg (70875 bytes) rear_right_side_from_front.jpg (94771 bytes)
The rear, right half, view: The rear, left corner view: The left side view:
rear_left_side_from_front_1.jpg (69981 bytes) rear_left_side_corner_from_front_2.jpg (71612 bytes) rear_left_side_corner_from_front_3.jpg (68790 bytes)

Initial interior shots follow:

View of the kitchen: Living room ceiling fan: Living room fireplace:
view_of_the_kitchen.jpg (45453 bytes) ceiling_fan_in_the_living_room.jpg (97111 bytes) living_room_fireplace.jpg (76168 bytes)
Living room cut outs: Window design: Master bath vanity:
living_room_cut_outs.jpg (99297 bytes) window_design..jpg (50493 bytes) master_bath_vanity.jpg (121746 bytes)
Built in shelves of the closets:
built-ins_in_the_closets.jpg (41549 bytes)