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Assorted miscellaneous pictures and information.

Something I found one day on my way to work.

One reason I think rednecks have TOO much time on their hands! <g>

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Some Christmas photos.

va_christmas_1997.jpg (54055 bytes)

VA Christmas party in 1997.

Christmas in 2000.

mark_and_olga_christmas_2000.jpg (90050 bytes)

Arkansas Ice Storms during December 2000.

ice_storm_december_2000.jpg (84207 bytes)

The ice was almost as thick as a quarter (coin)!  Very hard to break up, no wonder we had so much damage!

One close up example of tree damage.

tree_damaged_during_ice_storm_december_2000.jpg (160738 bytes)

trees_damaged_during_ice_storm_december_2000.jpg (128524 bytes)

An additional photo of one of the many streets that were impassable until some limbs were chain sawed out of the way.