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About Me
Up Biography Panama

You can check here for anything new and exciting in my life...which means THIS page won't get updated very often!  I like things stable!  <g>

Family Members
My girlfriend and I:

olga_glamour_shot.jpg (44877 bytes)

This is the love of my life, what a great looking girl like her sees in me is beyond my comprehension!  When she is comfortable with what I do, I'll have more information on her here too!
An updated picture of her from mid-December 2001.

olgaatchristmas2001.jpg (69476 bytes)

olgaandmark.jpg (89517 bytes)

This is the two of us in December 2001 at her youngest daughter's wedding. 
My biography is accessible from above.  I will  include other information here later!  At least you can see what I look like here...sorry ladies, I AM spoken for!

mark_with_fedora.jpg (56758 bytes)

china_on_couch.jpg (83559 bytes)

Our newest family member, of the feline variety, her name is China and she is a Russian-Blue and Siamese mix.

Yeah, she thinks she owns the any cat would!

chinaonrug.jpg (69036 bytes)

an_alert_peppy.jpg (39682 bytes)

Old friend that was poisoned and killed by one of the neighbors, at my old place!

My brother and his wife:

The Michael and Cathy Ryan Family site:

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All comments can be sent directly to me at .  I also like Dilbert related cartoons (how often that I find the cartoon reflective of my work center), and Star Trek, and I have them listed on my Links page, so feel free to check it out, as well as the rest of the site!