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2002 - Present

1999 Ford SVT F150 Lightning - Turns out I found something to replace the 1995 Ford F150 XLT with.  On April 20th, 2002 I became the proud owner of a 1999 Ford SVT F150 Lightning, #2565 of a build of 4000.  It was in great shape with only 12,100 miles!!

This SVT is a screamer...  That much I am sure of!!

from_the_front_while_cornering.jpg (72459 bytes)

from_the_left_front_while_going_straight.jpg (88709 bytes)

More to come as I get some work done on it!

SVT Color Choices Breakdown:

Black - 1601    Red - 1533    White - 866

Totals:  4000

First, the exterior shots:

My girlfriend likes to refer to this color as "arrest me red", but so far that hasn't been an issue!  I have seen plenty of cops watching me, but nothing bad has happened to me yet! 

lr-corner.jpg (154212 bytes)

from_the_back.jpg (175803 bytes) from_the_right_rear.jpg (152457 bytes)
view_of_rhino_lining.jpg (97699 bytes) Although it came with a cheap drop-in liner, I took it out and got rid of it and had the bed professionally sprayed locally by a local franchise for Rhino Lining.  It came out REALLY nice and I like the durability, appearance, and the additional protection that the spray on liner provides over the drop-in style. lightning_emblem.jpg (68356 bytes)
from_the_right.jpg (143691 bytes) view_from_front_high.jpg (69180 bytes) from_the_right_front.jpg (186848 bytes)
Next, the interior shots:
Several shots of the interior seats.  A basic 60-40 split bench, the driver's seat is an 8-way electrically adjustable seat, while the passenger seat is manually operated.

seats_from_passenger_side.jpg (117057 bytes)

close_up_of_svt_id.jpg (84729 bytes) seats_from_driver_side.jpg (115314 bytes)
The suede and leather design, with the sewn in SVT logo is very sharp.

dashboard_off.jpg (43838 bytes)

dashboard_on.jpg (43384 bytes)

With a large, easy to see instrument panel, the speedometer matches the electrically limited top speed of the truck...a measly 140 mph.  I'll have to decide on whether an upgrade will be necessary for that down the road.

cd_changer_storage.jpg (48874 bytes)

cd.jpg (94553 bytes)

driver-storage1.jpg (92474 bytes)

driver-storage2.jpg (90302 bytes)

The mounting location for the factory Ford CD-Changer, both before it was purchased and mounted, and afterwards.  As well as the small area for storage behind the drivers seat.
drivers_door.jpg (365828 bytes) inside_through_drivers_door.jpg (341853 bytes) passenger_side_interior_view.jpg (49828 bytes) passenger_door.jpg (340724 bytes)
Lots of room for the passenger, which is my girlfriend, of course!

radio_controls.jpg (58297 bytes)

And a very nice set of instrument controls, although somewhat reminiscent of the Ford Taurus' controls as well
It is a worthy day-to-day driver, but I try to get the SC out on the weekends, like the bike, if the weather is nice!
2004 Ford SVT F150 Lightning - A quick look at the 2004 Ford SVT F150 Lightning Concept truck.

lightning_photo1.jpg (24874 bytes)

lightning_photo2.jpg (35259 bytes) lighting_photo3.jpg (84297 bytes)
lighting_photo5.jpg (49196 bytes) lighting_photo6.jpg (36483 bytes) lighting_photo4.jpg (37949 bytes)
wpe1.jpg (7774 bytes)
Let's see...the 32-valve V8 produces 500 horsepower and 550 foot-pounds of torque.  Should be awesome.  Also comes standard with 380mm Brembo brakes and 22-inch wheels (with hand-cut Goodyear 295/40-22 front tires and 325/45-22 rear rubber).  Console mounted shifter and additional changes make this a very nice looking truck.
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