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1999 - 2002

1995 Ford F150 XLT - Nice custom truck, done over by Choo-Choo Customs out of Tennessee.  The big,  flat, front end is a dead giveaway what truck is behind you!  It was bought to help ease the miles being accumulated on the Thunderbird SC.  This was my current bad weather commuting and work vehicle!
There are a few pictures on this page, but the thumbnail images (small format) will help things load quicker.  Once loaded, simply click the image you want to see and the one you've selected will load in a larger format.  If you like trucks, especially a FORD truck, it should be worth your time!
right_front.jpg (92815 bytes) front_lowside.jpg (131746 bytes) left_lowside.jpg (140263 bytes)
These are some shot of the exterior, the truck is in very good condition, with minor scratches here and there and the expected road chips in the paint.  Nothing unexpected, and a LOT less than I would have expected.
left_side_with_tinted_windows.jpg (111700 bytes) flare_side_emblem.jpg (7933 bytes) rear_with_tinted_windows.jpg (108283 bytes)
I went ahead during May 2001 and got the widows tinted and the bed sprayed (by Rhino Linings).  Both turned out quite nice!

chattanooga_emblem.jpg (48209 bytes)

with_bedliner_with_tinted_windows.jpg (291469 bytes)

right_side_with_tinted_windows.jpg (228030 bytes)

And these are some shots of the interior, the truck has the upgraded leather interior, with captain style chairs (which have their own arms), wood trim throughout...very nice looking, but I do miss a tachometer!
left_door.jpg (121148 bytes) right_door.jpg (101051 bytes)

from_inside_of_left_door.jpg (20311 bytes)

instrument_panel.jpg (61635 bytes) front_inside.jpg (61620 bytes)
gold_choo-choo.jpg (57104 bytes)

rear_seat.jpg (57358 bytes)
Although I was happy with the 1995 F150, it was a very tight squeeze getting it into the garage!!  It fit in the garage (when I pulled it in by hand) with about 1.25 inches of clearance in the back and a little over 2 inches in the front (it just BARELY cleared the garage hinges as the door was closed!)...  I was concerned I might end up hitting the interior wall one time if I ever came in with wet tires from a rain storm.  Needless to say, NOT very much room for error!