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Up 1981 - 1990 1991 - 2000 2001 - Present

1983 Mercury Capri RS - Although a new nice car, fast and very manageable, I blew the carburetor while in Colorado and decided to trade it in on the 1986 Capri below, while I was there.
1986 Mercury Capri - Junked and forgotten.

1985 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 - Not a bad little sports car, but rough handling otherwise!  Traded it in on the 1985 Grand Am below.

1985 Pontiac Grand Am LE - Family style car.  Replaced by the 1988 below.

1988 Pontiac Grand Am SE - Semi-sporty, but still a family car.  Gone in 1998.  Gladly given to my ex-wife!

1991 Plymouth Shadow - Thanks to my friend Herb, I got to drive this for a year, while I talked myself to spending BIG bucks for another bike!  Of course, since he knew how anal I was about vehicle care, he knew I would take good care of it for him while he was gone!  Too bad I had to give it back to him!  <g>

1993 Ford Thunderbird SC - In late 1997, in December, after about a year of searching I found this...  A 1993 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe!! Silver, as you can tell, it is a nice match to my motorcycle! Kind of reminds me of my FIRST car... Anyways, I've always liked Thunderbirds, and silver is my favorite vehicle color!

1999 Ford Taurus SE - Very nice car for traveling, with more than 2 people.  My girlfriend still has this one as her daily driver, and she has ALL the options! The only thing NOT present is the slightly higher output engine that the Ford Taurus SVO has got. Other, than that, they look VERY much alike.